Thanks to a shared EELISA infrastructure you will  be able to easily combine the most exciting offers from all EELISA partner universities:

  • attend courses at the partner universities in Pisa, Madrid, Paris, Budapest, Bukarest and Istanbul
  • gather international experience with funded activities abroad
  • expand your european network: find friends, colleagues, your next internship or job
  • experience interdisplinary, intercultural, multilingual and innovative learning
  • apply your knowledge and help to solve real world problems linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Some of the benefits EELISA can offer you:

Activities and courses to join

Tackle the challenges of a hackathon together with other EELISA students, gain experience abroad at a summer or winter school, test your creative skills in writing competitions or network with international researchers and companies at exciting conferences. You will find your activity within the more than 40 thematical EELISA communities.

The EELISA partner universities have also opened their course catalog for you. So you can study digitally in Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania or Turkey.

Find your next activity

Travelling abroad

At EELISA you will find interdisciplinary and practical Seasonal Schools, workshops or challenges. Visit one of our partner universities in Europe: EELISA can cover your accommodation and travel costs for a maximum of two activities during your time at FAU. Find out how to apply for funding here.

Find your next trip

You are interested in a whole semester abroad in one of our partner universities in Paris, Madrid, Budapest, Istanbul, Bukarest or Pisa:  Check out the website of the International Office.

Designing your European University

As a student you can participate in the further development and design of EELISA – the student perspective and involvement is explicitly desired. Each university has two student representatives, elected to represent their University in the govermental structures of the alliance. At FAU, the student representation – called Stuve – elects the EELISA student representatives.

Find your community

In more than 40 EELISA communities, students, researchers and external partners such as companies or NGOs are connected through their specific field of interest. They work together to solve real problems we face in the context of sustainable development. In the communities you will find friends, colleagues, employers for your next internship or job and activities that match your interests.

Find your community

(Photo: EELISA FAU; Hojer)

Start your own business

Benefit from workshops on innovation and entrepreneurship during your studies and discover the ecosystems of nine different universities.

More about innovation and entrepreneurship


Job Opportunity

To find out about interesting job opportunities and internships you can check this website:

Job Opportunity


  • (Photo: Yaelle Zribi)

    “I was expecting this to be an educational trip. But it was so much more than that. I had a lot of fun attending the workshops, getting to work with people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different nations. The think tanks were designed in such a way that it really gave a new direction and perspective to the way I figure out solutions to a problem. But the best part according to me was the friends i made. I spoke to some of the professors from our hosting university who were coordinating us throughout the week and gathered insights from them. I made friends from the universities of Budapest, Bucharest, Paris, and some from Russia, and Italy.”

    Ankita Pathak ( FAU)

  • (Photo: Evolonic)

    “In the fall of 2022, we won the Start-up Demo Day and were allowed to present our start-up project at EELISA. In Pisa, we were the only German team pitching in front of other European startups. It was a great experience and we thank eelisa for letting us be part of it!”

    Evolonic (FAU)

  • (Photo: EELISA)

    It was our first time visiting the beautiful and historic city of Pisa. We got the opportunity to explore the city which is in the heart of the region of Tuscany. Besides the world famous Leaning Tower, Pisa is also home to beautiful renaissance architecture and art and also the resting place for the greatest mathematician of the medieval ages – Fibonacci. We saw all these monuments and also visited the Christmas market to try local Italian food – a delightful experience!”

    Lara Đelević, Akshat Sharma and Fatima Tanvir (FAU)

  • (Photo: Sophia Neudecker)

    “The five days at Sant’Anna were highly inspirational and motivating! I learned a lot of new things about the evaluation of the performance of hospitals and the work with data and indicators. In addition, I was able to further train and develop my presentation skills by working on my own results and presenting them to the other students and the professionals of Sant’Anna School. Thank you EELISA for this great opportunity!”

    Lena Oberloher (FAU)

  • (Photo: Judith Wahl)

    “As EELISA student representative of FAU, I try to represent the diversity of FAU and its many faculties in the Student Council, and I support the creation and promotion of opportunities to engage in EELISA for FAU students. For example, FAU students can apply for scholarships for seasonal schools in Pisa or Madrid, join the FAU EELISA student group or participate in the student community “Metaverse & Sustainability” which I initiated. The best part about being a student representative is the insight into university politics and the many interesting people I get to meet!”

    Judith Wahl (FAU)

  • (Photo: Serena Bischoff)

    “We were students from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Peru, Mexico and Germany, all with different scientific backgrounds. This interdisciplinary and international exchange was so exciting. In some cases we had very different opinions and really discussed a lot. It was really a great experience that I was able to have thanks to the EELISA sponsorship. I made new friends there, but also got to know fellow students from higher semesters whom I can ask for advice and got in touch with great keynote speakers and researchers!”

    Zekiye Bersu Sezer (Erasmus Student at FAU)

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