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You would like us to further introduce EELISA within your department, institute or student group? Here we have prepared a few PowerPoint slides that you can use. If you like, we can also come by and present EELISA to you.

PowerPoint slides for download

Meet the EELISA team at FAU

Marjan Fahimian

Student Assistant

Johanna Hojer

Communication, Dissemination and Branding

Dr. Tobias Klima

EELISA Team lead, Joint European Proposals

Sophie Luzar

Student Assistant

Dr. David Schkade

Research and Innovation

Eike Trost

currently in maternity leave

Judith Wahl

Student Mobility

Julia Rosenbusch

Communication, Dissemination and Branding

More about the EELISA European University

Why is it called EELISA?

Our Vision

“We envision a future where societies thrive and master global challenges with smart and sustainable solutions empowered by European engineering.

A future where academic excellence and innovation are always linked to social responsibility and commitment.

A future where academic and non-academic partners come together to solve real-world problems.

A future where gender balance in STEM careers, sustainable mobility between institutions and cooperation between researchers, students and civil society are the foundations of a new European Higher Education.”

Find out more on the EELISA.EU Website