EELISA – My European University

What does EELISA mean to you? How did you first get in touch with the alliance? What has it brought you so far?

Three FAU members talk in a short interview about their EELISA experiences. These interviews are part of a poster exhibition, which will be presented soon.

(Photo: FAU/ Poehlein)

Prof. Dr. Jörg Schulze

Position: Chair of Electron Devices (LEB) & Managing Director Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Systems and Devices Technology (IISB)

Connection to EELISA: Founder of the EELISA Community “bauhaus – new ways in education and management“

Three words to describe EELISA:

Interdisciplinary, open and free.

How did you come to join the EELISA project?

With the development of my microelectronics Bauhaus at the LEB/IISB in Erlangen, an interesting exchange with our Vice President “Outreach”, Prof. Kathrin Möslein, began about the general idea of ​​developing a Bauhaus concept for engineering training and education. She then invited me to participate in the EELISA project and build a related EELISA community. With “bauhaus – new ways in education and management” we are at the beginning of an exciting journey that tries nothing less than to trace the inspiring power of the Bauhaus to bring out new concepts and methods for engineering education in the 21st century.

What has it brought you so far?

EELISA gave me access to the fascinating design theory community, which has been dealing with the Bauhaus and its theories, methods, tools, and philosophies for much longer, and brought me new insights but also confirmation for my work. I am now connected to colleagues from Mines ParisTech via an EELISA project. Together we want to work on combining Bauhaus, design theory and management methodology.

Why do you think people should join EELISA?

If you are looking for an interdisciplinary, open and free exchange of ideas that welcomes new perspectives, you will find it at EELISA.

(Photo: EELISA)

Patricia Himml

Position: Bachelor student in International Business Studies at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

Connection to EELISA: participated in an EELISA seasonal school and the JEBE Business Game at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa

Three words to describe EELISA:

Community, opportunities, collaboration

How did you come to join the EELISA project?

I got to know EELISA in 2022 through an email send by my university informing us about the seasonal school at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. Since then, I have participated in one seasonal school on “African Perspectives” and in the JEBE Business Game organized by the same university in Pisa.

What has it brought you so far?

EELISA gave me the opportunity to get to know students with different majors and origins, but also supported me in my travels to Pisa, getting to know the Italian culture and its people. I have found great friends with whom I can discuss topics differently and from all possible angles. EELISA helped me therefore to explore other European universities and to discover a community of enthusiastic, likeminded students and researchers.

Why do you think people should join EELISA?

EELISA and its events are a great way to meet likeminded students from other European universities and attend lectures as well as seasonal schools in Pisa, Madrid, Istanbul or Paris. On the one hand, it is thereby a community that supports and encourages visits to the other partner universities. On the other hand, EELISA gives you the opportunity and tools to initiate own activities and sub-communities, so-called EELISA communities.


(Photo: EELISA/ FAU)

Johanna Hojer

Position: EELISA communications and project manager at FAU

Connection to EELISA: EELISA team member at FAU

Three words to describe EELISA:

Connecting, multicultural, visionary

How did you come to join the EELISA project?

Before I joint the EELISA team, I worked in the communications department at FAU. That’s where I first heard about EELISA. So, when a position for a project and communications manager in the EELISA team at FAU was published, I applied! And here I am: working on communication campaigns and event management together with colleagues from all over Europe.

What has it brought you so far?

I like the exchange with my European colleagues. It’s exciting to work together across language and cultural boundaries – especially in the area of communication. I can learn a lot from my colleagues about how things are done at universities in Madrid, Istanbul or Paris. EELISA gives me the opportunity to really feel what it means to be European: working in Italy for a few days, dealing with students from Budapest, or planning an event in Bucharest.

Why do you think people should join EELISA?

EELISA is inclusive. It offers everyone who wants to participate the opportunity to travel across Europe, expand their own knowledge with new innovative insights, put them into practice and build a European network.  At the same time, in our EELISA Communities, we can work on real problems we face, e.g. related to climate change, and look for innovative solutions to them together.

In my role as communication manager at FAU, I have spoken with many students and colleagues who have participated in an EELISA activity: all were enthusiastic about their experiences and exchange. They particularly emphasized that the EELISA community is very familiar, the teaching formats are refreshing, and many new friendships were made.

So, try it out and see for yourself.