Call for EELISA Research Retreats

Meet your (EELISA) Partners to develop new ideas for joint research projects

Are you a researcher at FAU interested in exchanging research ideas with colleagues from EELISA and other partner institutions, expanding your European network, and initiating new research collaborations? Would you like a research retreat of up to three days to discuss your latest research results and ideas for new projects with EELISA and other European partners?

Then, this Call is your opportunity to get your EELISA research retreat funded! EELISA at FAU launches the first Call for EELISA Research Retreats with a total budget of 18.000 € for 2024 funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The aim of this call is to facilitate new European research collaborations and the preparation of European research proposals under Horizon Europe and other European or international calls for researchers from all faculties at FAU.

Find the call as PDF here

Typically, an EELISA research retreat will be…

   for three days

  with researchers from other institutions and at least one EELISA partner institution

   to meet on-site at FAU

   to present your work, exchange ideas, and discuss new research projects.


The call is open to all researchers at  FAU – no matter if early career researcher or full professor – who wish to invite researchers from at least one EELISA partner institution to a research retreat at FAU. Additionally, researchers from other institutions may be invited as well.



From 2024 to 2027, we aim to fund up to six EELISA research retreats per year with an average budget of 3.000 € per retreat(depending on the size of your EELISA research retreat, you may also apply for up to 6.000 € or less than 3.000 €).

Funding includes...

The funding provided is only for catering, room rental, and workshop materials. The “Bewirtungsrichtlinie” applies. Travel and accommodation costs of the researchers invited from other EELISA institutions should be paid by the EELISA partners’ local EELISA offices. Travel and accommodation costs of researchers from non-EELISA institutions cannot be covered by EELISA.

The eligible costs will be reimbursed in the amount of the invoices to be submitted together with the “Abrechnungsformular für Bewirtungskostento the EELISA Team after the research retreat until 15 November 2024 at the latest.

How to apply

Applicants should send the completed application form in one PDF file vie email  to the EELISA Team at FAU until 23 June 2024.

Download the Application Form here

Evaluation Criteria

For the evaluation of the proposals to be funded two evaluation criteria will be applied:

  1. The capacity of the workshop to boost connections among EELISA researchers and
  2. the potential of the workshop to trigger new research collaborations, including new research proposals under Horizon Europe and other European or international calls.

Application Deadline:

23 June 2024

Notification about Admission:

No later than 28 June 2024

Retreat between July and October 2024

The EELISA research retreats have to take place between July and October 2024.

Finding researchers at EELISA partner institutions


EELISA is a large European university alliance with about 20,000 researchers in almost all disciplines. In addition to FAU, EELISA includes one of Europe’s leading universities (PSL in Paris), small elite institutions (ENPC in Paris and SNS and SSSA in Pisa), and technical universities (UPM in Madrid, ZHAW in Zurich, BME in Budapest, UNSTBP in Bucharest, and ITU in Istanbul). We recommend to check the websites of these institutions in search for partners for the EELISA research retreats who may be contacted directly. If you like search tools, you may register on the EELISA Community Platform as a researcher and then use the EELISA InnoCORE Networking Platform to find new partners for the EELISA research retreats. You may also use the EELISA Catalogue of Research Facilities to find potential collaborators.

Any further questions? Please contact:

Dr. David Schkade

Research and Innovation