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Four more years of EELISA

We did it! Four more years of European Cooperation! #FAUtogether with EELISA partners! At least until 2027, EELISA can continue to expand European cooperation. We look forward to more mobility…

grafik with information on the pitch workshop

Pitch Workshop

The pitch is a company’s business card and opens doors to investors, but also to customers or other external partners. Accordingly, it must be designed in a pointed and interesting…

Storytelling Workshop Invitation with information on time, date, location etc.

Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling is essential for humans because our brains are hardwired for narrative. Stories come in a variety of forms: poetry, song, movement, pictures, plays and even Dad Jokes. We make…


From PhD to innovation

PhD students discover potential for innovation in their research Not just a PhD project, but also a business idea? On the first EELISA PhD Innovation Day Doctoral students at FAU…