EELISA Language Tandem – Madlen in Paris

Lara Melchers (Master Information and Communication Technology), Madlen Tepper and Simone Fraßa (both study to become a teacher) study at FAU and took part in the Language Tandem with our french partner university PSL in Paris.

Written by Madlen, translated by Amira.

Monday 11.03.2024

We met at Nuremberg Central Station at 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning to take the train to Frankfurt am Main. We used the journey to Frankfurt to get to know each other better. After a little refreshment in Frankfurt, we boarded the TGV to Paris Est and quickly got through the four-hour train journey with content-related preparations and a few rounds of Uno.

When we arrived in Paris, we checked into our hotel and, after a short break, headed off to dinner with Ms. Koiran, the German lecturer at the École des Mines, and Romain, one of our tandem partners. In a typical Parisian restaurant, we were able to sample classic French cuisine, such as onion soup, boeuf bourguignon and crème brûlée. The meal was enriched by interesting conversations and we were able to make plans for the evening program together for the next few days.

Tuesday 12.03.2024

On Tuesday, after breakfast together and despite the bad weather, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower to take a few pictures. What would an excursion to Paris be without stopping by the Eiffel Tower? As a result, we were able to diligently post a few nice pictures on the Instagram account of EELISA FAU, which sponsored this excursion.

We also climbed the viewing platform of the Arc de Triomphe and paid a brief visit to the Pantheon before heading to lunch with Ms. Koiran and Romain in a very original restaurant above one of the oldest cinemas in Paris.

Afterwards, the Welcome Desk and a representative of the Université PSL’s EELISA program welcomed us and gave us an insight into various exchange programs and opportunities with the Université PSL.

We then ended the evening with ramen soups and cocktails among us female students.

Wednesday, the 13.03.2024

On Wednesday, we went straight to the École des Mines in the morning, where we promoted the tandem project in the various German courses together with our tandem partners and got to know the students at the Écoles des Mines. We were able to help organize a German course.

At lunchtime, we went out for a Korean meal with Ms. Koiran and our tandem partners, where we had the opportunity to talk to our tandem partners and get to know them better.

Afterwards, we went on a guided tour of the venerable university library and visited the beautiful mineralogy museum of the Écoles des Mines. There we learned lots of interesting and amazing things about minerals and were even able to touch fragments of the moon and Mars.

Afterwards, there was still time for a short shopping trip, where we bought books, macarons and postcards, because you can’t leave Paris without souvenirs. In the evening, the German and French students met up, ate pizza and drank cocktails together and made plans to meet again.

Thursday, 14.03.2024

The french tandem students are going to visit FAU in summer. (Image: Tepper)

On the last day, we set off on our return journey to Germany and used the time to take stock. On the train, we created the last post for the EELISA FAU Instagram account together and were able to review everything we had experienced on this excursion. We are already looking forward to welcoming our tandem partners in Erlangen and Nuremberg in the summer.