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With EELISA, academic teaching and research is no longer limited to your home university. EELISA aims to break new ground by combining the strengths of its partners:

  • by reinventing teaching in innovative and modern ways and opening it to a European audience
  • by connecting researchers, innovators and non-academic actors and building a portfolio of shared scientific infrastructures
  • by fostering and supporting the development of joint R&I actions and the creation of new structures (research groups, clusters, joint labs, start-ups, scientific parks)

Some of the benefits EELISA can offer you:

EELISA offers new ways of mobility

Travel alone or together with your students and colleagues (also virtually) to the EELISA partner universities and work on multinational, interdisciplinary tasks.

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Get (financial) support

FAU provides personal and financial support for (virtual) mobility, continuing education and new teaching formats, e.g. through joint calls for funding within the Alliance. In addition, FAU’s EELISA team will support you in submitting applications for European educational projects.

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Expand your european network

Expand your European network for education and research. Start new projects in the fields of education, research, innovation or social services together with European partners. EELISA is also working on a platform for networking researchers to facilitate collaboration (coming soon).

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Participate in workshops and trainings for innovative education and research

Use the challenge-based teaching approach to create innovative education formats together with industry and society. Develop new activities that are flexible in terms of content, duration, and location and are open for any types of learners within Europe. EELISA offers special workshops to further develop your teaching.

If you have a course offer in mind that you would like to open to the EELISA audience, please write to us at In the EELISA course catalog you find all English-taught offers that are accessible to the EELISA audience.

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Benefit from shared infrastructure and open science

EELISA has set open science as a key cross-cutting issue for the Alliance. EELISA’s work on open science revolves around the following dimensions: Open Access and Research Data Management, Open Science skills and education, Open Science incentives and rewards, and Citizen Science.

In addition, EELISA is working to make research infrastructure such as laboratories or technology available for collaborative use within the alliance (cooming soon).

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Join special activities for underrepresented groups

One of EELISA’s missions is to promote inclusion and diversity in research and innovation. Therefore, EELISA regularly offers workshops, seminars and other programs to empower underrepresented groups.

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  • (Photo: Gugel)

    “Attending the EELISA workshop SS4E in Madrid was a valuable experience that definitely helped us to approach problem-solving in a more holistic manner. Not only did we benefit from the insightful presentations and discussions, but we also had the opportunity to meet incredible people from all over Europe. We are excited to continue leveraging these connections to work collaboratively on solutions that address important issues facing Europe and beyond.”

    Lukas Gugel und Alexander Preis (FAU)

  • (Bild: FAU/Georg Pöhlein)

    “For four years I have been dealing with the question of how to transfer the success story of the Bauhaus to modern engineering education. Thanks to the EELISA network, which has been available to me since I started at FAU in Erlangen, I now have a crucial piece of the puzzle in my hands: “design theory”. I need to explore what design theory is behind modern engineering, such as my field of expertise: micro- and nanoelectronics. I realized it at the 16th International Workshop on Design Theory in Paris, where I was invited to present the concept of our “µe-bauhaus erlangen-nürnberg”. Without EELISA I probably would never have gotten in touch with this community. And now we have our joint EELISA community “bauhaus – new ways in education and management”, just great!”

    Prof. Dr. Jörg Schulze (FAU)

  • A woman standing in front of a poster
    (Photo: Mik Miranda)

    “I am glad that my student – for whom this was the first time attending an international conference – could participate in such a vibrant and dynamic meeting, had the possibility to exchange ideas and see the enthusiasm of his fellow participants. […]I hope that the new connections made in Erlangen will turn into scientific friendships and stable, reliable, and fruitful collaborations that young people can build on in their future research careers.”

    Prof. Emília Csiszár (BME)

  • “I have been interacting with the EELISA program since its inception, so for three years already. For the second consecutive year, we have been happy to welcome motivated students  in our project-based course Innovation & Leadership as well as last winter semester in the course Patenting for Innovation, which I co-lead with Prof. Bernhard Grill, CEO of Fraunhofer IIS and a co-inventor of the mp3 format.

    Overall, being in touch with EELISA has been a great experience so far and provides a refreshing opportunity to get in touch with other cultures, which is both quite interest and allows for the development of your own teaching and work practices.”

    Matthäus Wilga (FAU)

  • “Partnerships Orchestrating Sustainability Transformations (POST) was initiated by a diverse group of six FAU doctoral researchers in response to the EELISA call for funding in 2022. POST aims at building a network of researchers, academics and practitioners across EELISA institutions and beyond to exchange references about partnerships, redefine and reconstruct the concept and advance the understanding and practice of it across/between cultures. EELISA funding has enabled us to partner with like-minded colleagues from Scuola Normale Superiore (Florence campus) and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid to conduct a series of workshops and a spring school.  It has been an enriching journey of learning and inter-cultural exchange that has helped us expand our ‘European’ experiences and mental models.”

    POST team: Thi Minh Chau Bui, Loren Bustos, Shuvra Dey, Kania Guzaimi, Xu Kang, Supriya Singh (FAU)

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Any further questions? Please contact:

Dr. David Schkade

Research and Innovation


EELISA InnoCORE is the research and innovation wing of EELISA. Based on EELISA ecosystem, its Communities, and the challenges identified therein, InnoCORE is intended to delve deeper into the institutional transformation initiated by the Alliance, by focusing on its R+I dimension.

EELISA-InnoCORE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
R & I programme under GA No. 101035811