Bridging Boundaries Through Tandem Partners

First Successful French-German Language Tandem within EELISA

“I really enjoyed learning and practicing French with my student tandem partner at PSL. Unlike a normal language course, we were able to organize our meetings very flexibly. The fact that we were then able to visit each other in our cities was a great highlight of the program!” Nilufar Estiry studies Medical Engineering at FAU and participated together with Jannis Fischer, a Master Student in International Business at FAU, in the first EELISA tandem program between FAU and PSL.

Jannis Fischer, Corina Petersilka, Nilufar Estiry and Christian Hagen from FAU visited Paris in September (Image: Daria Moreau)

Initiation of the Program

The program was initiated by language representatives from PSL and FAU in the summer semester of 2023. During this pioneering project, four student tandem pairs embarked on a series of approximately ten self-directed online meetings, delving into German-French linguistic, scientific, and intercultural exchanges. The focus of their collaboration revolved around generating joint German-French poster presentations centered on themes within the realm of Energy & Environment.

Highlight Visits

One of the first highlights was the visit of Linda Koiran (école des mines, PSL) and Daria Moreau (Chimie ParisTech, PSL) to FAU in May 2023, and the momentum continued when PSL students Benjamin Le Fustec and Lidia Ejarqu Bueno visited their German tandem partners from July 10 to 13, 2023. The physical exchange continued with a FAU delegation, including Dr. Corina Petersilka (Head of the French Department of FAU’s Language Centre), Christian Hagen (Head of the Self-Access Language Learning Office at FAU’s Language Centre), Nilufar Estiry, and Jannis Fischer, visiting PSL in Paris from September 25-28, 2023.

(Image: Nilufar Estiry)
(Image: Christian Hagen)

Exploring Paris and Cultural Exchange

The FAU delegation had the unique opportunity to trace the footsteps of Marie and Pierre Curie, exploring the mineralogical museum and venerable library at PSL. The cultural exchange extended beyond academic pursuits, with the FAU delegation attending a German class and promoting the tandem project among second-year students.

Hope for the Future

The hope is for a continued and fruitful future, exemplifying the success of cross-cultural collaborations in fostering language skills, scientific exploration, and cultural exchange between European universities. As these institutions pave the way for innovative partnerships, the future promises enriching experiences and collaborative endeavors on an international scale.