1st EELISA International Conference: Uniting 400 Participants and 100+ Global Speakers

Dozens of students stood in line in front of a table, their faces were filled with excitement. They were not there to collect autographs from their favorite celebrity or to get tickets for a concert, but to receive their credentials for the first EELISA International Conference. Many of these faces were seen repeatedly in the UNSTPB’s auditorium during the plenary sessions as well as in the screenings, workshops, and roundtables. They shared the room, and sometimes the panel, with renowned researchers and professors. A sense of excitement and discovery lingered in the air, even on the event’s third day, as the conference concluded and the EELISA Diversity Award was presented, marking the transition into the final sessions.

Thus, the 1st EELISA International Conference has marked the culmination of the initial three years of EELISA’s transformative and impactful journey. It featured two high-level plenary sessions and 27 workshops, abstract presentations, and roundtables that addressed various crucial topics. These encompassed topics such as the new European engineering model, the university of the future, innovative pedagogies, entrepreneurship, and innovation, as well as fostering sustainable cooperation and promoting gender equality and inclusion. These elements were carefully curated not only to commemorate the accomplishments of the first three years of the alliance but also to promote collaboration and cultivate a collective understanding of the context and prospects for the next four years of the Alliance.  “I have had the opportunity to speak with many of the participants, ranging from speakers to attendees, and I truly believe that this goal has been fully achieved,” remarks Sofia d’Aguiar, EELISA Executive Director and a member of the conference’s organizational team.


Three years in 10 minutes


FAU goes Bucharest

Students, professors, academics, our Vice-President, student senators, staff from the Start-up Advice Service, the Office for Gender and Diversity and the EELISA team – a total of 25 people from FAU travelled to Bucharest for the EELISA International Conference. Some held sessions on their research topics, participated in panels as speakers, or presented their diversity project. We all met new people, learned about the different projects within EELISA and got to know the beautiful city of our hosts – Bucharest.


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Voices from our FAU participants

  • “Connecting with like-minded and motivated students from different universities was an enriching experience, both culturally as well as intellectually.”

    Baihui Liu, FAU Bachelor student in Business and Economics

  • “Being able to attend and contribute by sharing my expertise in the field of equal opportunities and diversity on an European level is truly a privilege.  Shaping the university of the future is challenging but being part of a pioneering journey is such a blast”.

    Magda Luthay, FAU Head of Gender and Diversity Office


    “Can’t wait to return to Bucharest and Universitatea POLITEHNICA din București to connect our innovation ecosystems as part of EELISA European University.”

    Kathrin Moeslein, FAU Vice President Outreach


Funklust goes EELISA

We also invited two students from the university group funklust to travel with us to Bucharest. Besides VLogs on their Instagram channel, they also did a lot of Interviews and media coverage of the conference. They are currently working on an article about EELISA and the conference, which will be published here soon.

Vlog Day 1 Vlog Day 2t Vlog: What is EELISA Vlog Day 3