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In EELISA, ten universities are working together to shape the innovation landscape in europe – by joining forces. Each EELISA student and researcher can therefore benefit not only from the activities and network within their university, but also from the innovative environment of seven other countries.

  • by opening each others ecosystems to one another for high-impact, social and economic opportunities
  • by enhancing structures for creating, mentoring and presenting start-ups
  • by shared and joint programs for innovation-driven education
  • by the development of an entrepreneurial curricula based on credentials

Some of the benefits EELISA can offer you:

EELISA offers new ways of mobility

Visit the ecosystem in Turkey or participate in a pitch event in Pisa – with EELISA you move in a European innovation ecosystem. Network yourself and your start-up, find European business partners or inverstors and test your business idea all over Europe.

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Join special actvities about innovation and entrepreneurship

A start-up workshop, a pitch event to further develop your business idea, an open innovation lab to test your prototype – within EELISA there are numerous activities aimed at linking innovation and entrepreneurship more closely with education and research.

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Expand your european network

Are you innovative and thinking about solutions for sustainable development? In the EELISA Communities you will find like-minded people for joint projects. Through activities like pitch events or workshops, you can also expand your network in the EELISA ecosystem and get in touch with companies all over Europe.

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Join workshops and trainings on innovation and entrepreneurship

The Alliance offers special workshops, seminars and other activities to support students and researchers in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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  • (Photo: Adán Sánchez)

    Dr. Adán Sánchez (on the right) won the first EELISA prototype contest. His prototype was tested in the EELISA test space at JOSEPHS in Nuremberg.

    “These spaces are essential for innovative products to be tested by the public and obtain important and valid feedback for their final design and development. We feel fortunate about this opportunity. And we invite other startups to participate in the following editions of the EELISA Prototype Contest to enjoy the same chance.”

    Dr. Adán Sánchez (UPM)

  • (Photo: EELISA FAU; Hojer)

    “In the fall of 2022, we won the Start-up Demo Day and were allowed to present our start-up project at EELISA. In Pisa, we were the only German team pitching in front of other European startups. It was a great experience and we thank eelisa for letting us be part of it!”

    Evolonic (FAU)

  • (Photo: EELISA)

    “During the JEBE Business Game in Pisa we worked together with students from various universities in each of the challenges. We had two to three hours to solve a problem, and then present the solution in front of a jury. We were also expected to answer their questions. We also interacted with representatives of Luxottica and they were very enthusiastic to explore opportunities for internships for us. We also submitted our CVs to them.”

    Lara Đelević, Akshat Sharma and Fatima Tanvir (FAU)

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EELISA InnoCORE is the research and innovation wing of EELISA. Based on EELISA ecosystem, its Communities, and the challenges identified therein, InnoCORE is intended to delve deeper into the institutional transformation initiated by the Alliance, by focusing on its R+I dimension.

EELISA-InnoCORE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R & I programme under GA No. 101035811