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Lena Oberloher joined the  Seasonal School “InnovACtion in Health care: strategy, performance and data management” in Pisa. Read about her experiences:

My name is Lena and I study Medical Process Management (M. Sc.) at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In October 2022 I had the opportunity to join the Season School “InnovACtion in Health care: strategy, performance and data management” at the EELISA partner institution Scuola Sant’Anna School (SSSA) in Pisa.

The program was designed for students (undergraduate, postgraduate and PHD) from various backgrounds, who are interested in a future career in the field of data management, business and process reengineering, with a focus on health care. So our group of eight people was very diverse and included medical students as well as PhD students with research topics like telemedicine or Health Technology Assessment.

At the beginning, the Sant Anna School introduced itself with its research focus and subject areas. Afterwards, we also introduced ourselves to get to know each other. After that we discussed about the public health care system with a focus on the actors, values and tools and got a brief overview of the Italian health care system.

At the second day Prof. Milena Vainieri and Dr. Francesca Ferré presented the principles of the healthcare performance evaluation system to us. They explained us the composition of the indicators of the reporting system as well as the structure of the data visualization. As part of a group work, we had the chance to work within the performance evaluation platform and could analyze the performance indicators related to Oncological Care Pathways. We presented our results in the role as Regional Representative of the Oncological Care Pathway in Friuli Venezia Giulia to the other groups.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to work with the results of the survey “Patient-reported experience measures” (PREMs) and “Patient Reported Outcome Measures” (PROMs) to assess the patient and user perspective of hospitals in Italy. We could assess the platform on ourselves and identified in a joint group work positive as well as negative experience and outcome indicators. After our analysis we had the opportunity to present our results and recommendations to Health Care Professionals of the Tuscany Region.

In the final assignment at the last day of the Season School we tried to put the various input of the last days together and created an own innovative technological innovation including the aspects of data collection and analysis as well as fostering organizational and behavioral change.

The five days at Sant’Anna were highly inspirational and motivating! I learned a lot of new things about the evaluation of the performance of hospitals and the work with data and indicators. In addition, I was able to further train and develop my presentation skills by working on my own results and presenting them to the other students and the professionals of Sant’Anna School. Thank you EELISA for this great opportunity!

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