“For me, EELISA is the opportunity for exchange”

Sina Martin and her doctoral colleagues went to an EELISA conference in Pisa.

Expanding your European network through EELISA

“If we want to go abroad as doctoral students, we have to look for partners on our own and arrange funding for the stay,” says Sina Martin, a doctoral student at FAU’s Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS). “Especially at the beginning of a scientific career, this is challenging because you are still building up your own network.” Together with some of her colleagues at FAPS, Sina Martin took part in the 2nd EELISA Research Based Learning Symposium in Pisa in May and used the opportunity to make new contacts within the EELISA network.

“At the RBL Symposium in Pisa, I gave a short presentation on how Research Based Learning is implemented in medical engineering at FAU,” explains Sina Martin. Away from the symposium, however, she also took the opportunity to visit colleagues from the field of medical technology in Pisa. “We already had one of the professors from Pisa as a guest at FAPS and realized there that we have a lot in common”. She and her colleagues used the visit to the campus in Pisa and the tour of the labs to discuss future collaboration opportunities in more detail. “In the short term, we would like to enable even more students to exchange between our chairs; in the long term, we are planning a joint EU project on haptic interaction.” Haptic interaction describes the interface between humans and machines. For example, how artificial muscles can perform natural movements or perceive pressure.

FAU doctoral students visited a colleague at the EELISA partner university in Pisa to discuss further joint projects.
Sina Martin and her colleagues from FAU visited Marco Fontana – a professor at the EELISA partner university Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. (Picture: Sina Martin)

Especially for PhD students, EELISA offers a good and low-threshold platform, explains Sina Martin. “You are already part of a common network in which colleagues are open to cooperation and appreciate each other’s research. In addition, in our case, EELISA was able to cover the costs of the first get-to-know-you and concept meetings “.

Sina Martin became aware of the RBL Symposium in EELISA through an email sent to her chair. Information about new conferences, workshops or seminars of all EELISA partner universities is regularly published on the EELISA Community Platform. There you will also find communities on specific topics such as AI4Health, Circular Economy, Metaverse or Entrepreneurship without Borders. Researchers, students and external stakeholders from all over Europe come together there to exchange ideas on common topics, organize events and to network.

If you have any questions or ideas for cooperation, the EELISA team at FAU will be happy to help.