How about an Seasonal School abroad?

Here you can find an overview of the EELISA seasonal schools that will be offered in spring and summer 2023. Please have a look at the detailed information on the EELISA Community Platform. There you will find even more activities such as conferences, workshops, social events, talks, theses offers, internships, contests, challenges, courses and seminars, and job offers.

More activities on the EELISA community platform







What about the costs?

The EELISA office at FAU can support you in financing travel and accommodation costs. Please contact us via to see if  funding is possible for your trip. Please note that participation fees cannot be covered.

I have questions about the activity:

For questions about the activities themselves, please contact the activity provider directly.


Any further questions? Please contact

Johanna Hojer

Communication, Dissemination and Branding

Judith Wahl

Student Mobility