First EELISA -FAU student group meeting

For the first time, 20 of the most active and enthusiastic FAU students met together to learn more about EELISA and join our team. We gathered students from very diverse programs, to create an interdisciplinary group that will help us to make EELISA more known among their peers, so everyone will be informed about the opportunities this international alliance offers and have a chance to participate.

Although at the beginning of the meeting everyone was a little shy dealing with such a diverse team, we tried to create as friendly atmosphere as possible, students could relax and open up. Participants were eager to contribute for several reasons. Firstly, they will gain opportunities to meet students with different backgrounds and expand their boundaries. Secondly, they are waiting forward to learning more and apply their past international experience.
And last but not least they are willing to bring higher education from a broad perspective.

The event was planned to let students interact and get to know each other as much as possible. After understanding what EELISA is about, participants worked in teams to share their perception of European Engineer and the most essential future skills. Also, it was very important for us to understand what expectations students have of EELISA and how they can contribute from their side. Everyone was heard and every idea was very appreciated. So participating teams are looking for more studying opportunities, like diverse courses and internships from other EELISA universities, international events and exchange opportunities with no additional tuition fees, innovative learning environments. Would you agree with these points or do you have different expectations from this alliance?

Between those two workshops, we prepared the treats and organized networking, so everyone could chat, exchange ideas and contacts for further collaboration. Of course, after this long lockdown, everyone was excited to meet in person, work in teams again and broaden their horizon.

Visit our website and to regularly get informed about our further events and opportunities. We are looking forward to see you on the next event!

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